Letters and Letter Boxes

बहुत यादें जुड़ी हैं इस लाल डब्बे से।

बच्चपन में किताबों में पढ़ा था इनको LETTER BOX कहते हैं।

I was walking down the street when I saw this. I had a flashback of memories. And I decided to put it in words.

The old familiar red coloured letter boxes which adorned Indian streets for more than a century are of little importance in today’s time.

We used to have a letter box near my house . I’ve literally grown up watching the decline in use of these red boxes. I was born in 1995 and that was the year of launch of internet for public use. So the role of mails and post had declined in late 90’s after introduction of Mobile phones and Internet. I was always fond of writing letter. I still remember I wrote my first letter to my Grandparents when we shifted from their house to a different city rather a different nation. I was so stupid and dramatic in my early teens that I used to write letters to God in which I used to complain about my parents. The importance and relevance of letters was exposed to me when I went to Boarding for two years. I was 15 years old then. We were not allowed cellphones or calls everyday. We used to have call turns once a week. I still remember in my first year of Boarding my call turn was on every Wednesday. We were allocated one hour in which our parents would call us and we were given 3 MINUTES. Yes! Only 3 minutes a week. And in that one hour parents of 25-30 girls would call and we used to sit near the telephone till our call turn came and wait for our call. IT WAS CRAZY.

So, Yes! I realised importance of letters then. We used to write letters to our family every Saturday. EVERY SATURDAY I used to write to my parents or grand parents. And I used to wait for their letters for weeks. I received some of their letters in the tenure of those two years. The joy cannot be expressed. I have still kept a few letters from those years as a memory. And every time I read them, my eyes are full of tears.

I think everyone enjoyed receiving a letter via post. You feel special because you realise someone has taken the time to write a hand written letter for you. And they are doing the efforts to post it to you.

Due to technological advancements we have shifted from letter writing to Emails writing, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media but the joy of receiving a letter cannot be expressed in words.

We still use our post offices for couriers, sending forms, savings account, sending wedding invitations, sending occasions invites etc. But the relevance that it enjoyed a few decades ago is finished.

I miss that RED BOX near my home. It is gone with the wind of advancement.



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