First blog post

Greetings fellow members!

As the title indicates, this is my first blog. I have always been fond of writing. I started to write “My Personal Diary” at the age of 14 and I can proudly say that I still maintain it. Though I write to it weekly or twice in a month but I do mention all the important details. Let me just explain the most important W’s related to my Blog.

WHY? Why do I want to write blogs?

I am an active user of social media and I love exploring different social sites. So this is one of my experiment. And I think I will love it since I love writing. Also I wanted to start writing blogs in my under graduation days but due to some or the other reason I couldn’t. But now I have completed my graduation and now I have enough time to write blogs. So here I am.

What? What am I going to write?

I am an awful writer. I am not among those who have mastered the art of writing or language. I am still a learner. Please bear with my English in my starting blogs and I promise I will improve gradually. I will start with writing about me and my history so that my readers get my background (also it is the only thing I can write about as of now) I will write about my experiences and my learning in these 21 years of my life. So it is a personal blog. I am not here to promote any brand or and product. I will write about my travelling experiences, my school and college life, and stuff like that.

When? When will I post my blogs?

As I mentioned, I am not a professional blogger. So there is no fix date or day to when will I post my blogs. I will keep posting whenever I will have content to share.

Who? Who am I?

I am just another human with many thoughts revolving in my mind. I have just completed my graduation in economics from LSR (we will come to that story of my life too) and I am preparing for “CAT”

I hope these answers give you a rough idea about my blog. So join me in my roller-coaster journey and I promise there will be a lot to assimilate.

Any sort of feedback is appreciated and encouraged. It will help me to learn and improve.




10 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Congrats on your first post and I look forward to reading more of your blog! Just like you I struggled a lot with writing and that always held me back from starting a blog. So kudos to just taking the leap and running with it!

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